How to lessen the stress on returning from the summer holiday – Team Wellness

Getting back to your work routine after returning from the holiday can be daunting – mailbox is overflowing, meetings lined up and problems waiting to be tackled. Still, it is vital to take time to rest, as taking a break and going on a holiday helps keep a healthy balance between your work and personal life, relax from daily problems and spend more time with people that you care for.

Four books from Estonia that make a good gift

Books by Estonian authors have been translated into many languages over decades. With all the possibilities of mail ordering and e-books, the options to obtain Estonian literature in most parts of the world is easier than ever. After all, next to living among the actual people, what better way is there to get to know the nation and its origin than to read its thoughts. Here are a four authors and their books that would make a good gift for a (would be) Estonphile.

10 ways to get more exercise in the office – Team Wellness

Ten ways how to get more exercise in the office and to prevent health issues that may arise with a desk job. It’s a great idea to get your colleagues  to join in for that extra motivation and positive peer pressure. Even better when the  management decides to set an employee’s health as a priority, support different workplace health initiatives and aim to create a positive work environment. However, there

How can Estonian writers reach the English-speaking market? Author interview Rein Raud

Estonians have become a reading nation, but it becomes more and more clear that Estonians also write a lot. With novel competitions getting plenty of submissions it seems there is no need to worry about the next generation of authors. The young adult novel competition got 30 manuscript submissions; although the number may feel modest considering the population of one million, it’s an impressive number a new authors each year.

How a long weekend in Detroit made me consider buying a USD1,000 house

From many weekend trip options from Toronto, a less traveled one is Detroit, often dismissed as a shadow of its former (not so long time ago) glory. When asking around, opinions vary. Some say it’s a dangerous place or simply boring, while others argued Detroit was up-and-coming, with good property prices and new people moving in to build it up. This left me with only one thing to do – go and see for myself.

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